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I'm interested in the natural history, ecology, and evolution of insects' interactions with plants, animals, and changing environments. Much of my research focuses on shelter-building caterpillars and the invertebrates that interact with them, but my FRI students work on a wide range of global change projects. I'm currently investigating how invertebrate communities that live in shelters will respond to warming temperatures. I'm also interested in how herbarium specimens can be used to investigate plant-insect interactions.



Additional Languages

I speak and write both Spanish and German.


2018 - 2020 

University of Connecticut 

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Advisor: Carlos García-Robledo, Ph.D.

Martial Arts

I practiced Tae Kwon Do for seven years and currently practice Aikido. 

Bucket Truck Bucket Operation

I once spent four months maneuvering a bucket on a 60-foot arm through a forest canopy.

Beetle Leash-Making

If you tie a strand of human hair just right....

2011 - 2017

University of Missouri-St. Louis

Ph.D., Biology

Advisor: Robert J. Marquis, Ph.D.

2007 - 2011

University of Chicago

B.A., Biology

Advisor: Timothy Wootton, Ph.D.

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